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Free Initial Phone Consultation

Comfort and trust are essential to a therapeutic relationship. Although a therapist's qualifications and experience are certainly important, choosing among qualified therapists is often a matter of personal chemistry. Good rapport assures that you will feel able to talk freely and develop a deep level of trust and confidence in a therapist.

For this reason I offer a free initial phone consultation. We can talk about why you're considering counseling. I can answer your questions, ask some of my own, and give you a good idea of whether I can help you achieve your goals for counseling. You can gauge your comfort level and decide whether you'd like to schedule an appointment. If you are a couple, I like to speak to each of you before your first appointment.

You can reach me at (404) 549-5151. If I'm in session or out of the office when you call, you can leave a recorded message and I'll return your call at my first opportunity.

All consultations are strictly confidential. Your confidentiality is protected by professional rules of conduct and by state and federal laws.

I cannot disclose any information about you, including the fact that you are a client or that we have talked, without your written authorization (except for unusual legal circumstances very narrowly defined in the laws on confidentiality). Many clients do not want their health insurance companies to know about counseling, and that's your right. If you prefer to seek reimbursement from an insurance company, I can provide medical receipts for that purpose. It's up to you.

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